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​The Last Real Old Time Medicine Show


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Ramblin' "Doc" Tommy Scott began a five-year process of writing his autobiography in 2002, with Shirley Noe Swiesz and Randall Franks. Sweisz had to leave the project early in the process but Scott and Franks continued eventually bringing the 700-page project to fruition in 2007. Scott enjoyed sharing his story with fans at his personal appearances until his passing in 2013.

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"Doc" Tommy Scott's cover letter from the book:

Dear Friends, I've played in more than 29,000 different towns across the United States and Canada. I am 90 years old and with a guitar, many stars, and lots of songs, I've kept alive the mystique of the Medicine Man, selling Snake Oil and smiles to millions. You may have heard Snake Oil jokes from around the world but I assure you this book is no joke although you will find countless laughs within. Inside "Snake Oil, Superstars and Me" you will find stories and pictures of your favorite superstars. Most stars are fictitious with all their glory. Read this book and it's a different story. I've almost been killed five times. That's in the book. I've made a lot of money and lost a lot too. That's in the book. I've wrote more than 300 songs, recorded hundreds more heard around the world, appeared with some of the biggest names in entertainment, appeared in many movies and played on some of the grandest stages in the world. I starred in the first syndicated country music TV series in 1948 and one of the earliest hillbilly music films on television in 1946. I've led an amazing life, displayed across these 700 pages with more than 800 personal pictures and countless stories spanning almost a century, stories that will make you laugh, cry, love, hate, guess and wonder. You might be surprised and stunned by some of these show business experiences, such as an elephant hanging for murder. This will be the oddest book you have ever read. When you read this book and see all the pictures to prove it, you will certainly have something to brag about! This is my life. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I've enjoyed living it. Ramblin' "Doc" Tommy Scott