"Doc" Tommy Scott

​The Last Real Old Time Medicine Show

Ramblin' "Doc" Tommy Scott with Corey and Craig Lawson 2006

Katona Productions, Inc. Used by Permission.

Katona Productions, Inc. Used by Permission.

Sandra Scott in 1950s.

"Baby Sandra" Scott on the Ramblin' Tommy Scott Show in 1940s.

Frankie Scott as Clarabelle in the late 1940s

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​​Sandra Scott was a child and youth star who performed as a singer, dancer, radio and circus performer, model, actress and comedienne.

Initially appearing under the stage name "Baby Sandra," she performed doing comedy routines with her mother and father. Soon she began dancing and singing as part of their live stage and radio shows.

When they moved into film in 1946, at the age of five, she co-starred with her parents in "Mountain Capers" becoming another one of the cute children to grow up on screen and television for American audiences of the 1940s and 50s.

Baby Sandra had her own show on American United Shows Carnival by 1948 appearing also on her father's radio show on the Mutual Radio Network nationwide. She joined her parents as "The Ramblin' Tommy Scott Show" went nationwide on TV in 1948. Her work continued in hillbilly and western films starring with her parents well into the 1950s including the 1950 re-release of Edward Dymytrk's "Trail of the Hawk" placing her on screen beside the talented child star Dickie Jones.

Sandra joined her parents In the early 1950s as they headlined Dailey Brothers and Wallace Brothers circuses adding to her talents working with elephants and performing a daring aerial act.

Sandra recorded numerous country music songs for Katona Records from the age of five through 18. Sandra continued appearing with the Tommy Scott's road show except while attending private school and college. After she married Charles Whitworth, Sandra began working in the office of Katona Productions.

She continues operating the family entertainment business she was born into.

Both of her children Jeff and Pam also worked with their grandfather performing musically or magically. Even Sandra's grandchildren, Craig and Corey appeared on worldwide television with their great grandfather.

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Frankie Scott on the Ramblin' Tommy Scott Show in 1948.

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​​Frankie Thomas Scott was a singer, dancer, model, actress and comedienne.

Scott stepped into the entertainment field as a model in Atlanta in the late 1930s. She married country music pioneer Ramblin' "Doc" Tommy Scott in 1940 shortly before he became a member of the Grand Ole Opry. She took on several roles on the stage and radio including one as a rube comedienne portraying "Clarabelle" for nearly 20 years.

Tommy Scott wrote his popular song of the late 1940's "Rosebuds and You" for his longtime co-star. The song became a regional hit in the South and West for Tommy Scott in 1950; it was later covered by dozens of artists including Country Music Hall of Famer George Morgan, The Willis Brothers and Red Sovine.

When Tommy Scott ventured west to Hollywood, Frankie joined him co-starring in the 1949 release of the Edward Dymytrk film "Trail of the Hawk," as well as other 1940s films "Mountain Capers," "Hillbilly Harmony," "Southern Hayride," among others.

When the Ramblin' Tommy Scott TV show hit the airwaves in the late 40s, she debuted as a television pioneer dancing, singing and doing comedy on the variety series.

She returned to television in the 1950s when Scott's Smokey Mountain Jamboree aired in syndication around the country.

In the 1960s, Frankie Scott retired from performing on stage and took a role as co-producer of her husband's road show, "Doc" Scott's Last Real Old Time Medicine Show. It featured stars such as Col. Tim McCoy, Al "Fuzzy" St. John, Sunset Carson, Billy Grammar, Junior Samples and Clyde Moody.

Scott developed Alzheimer's in the late 1990s drawing her husband off the road to remain by her side. She died of a stroke on April 24, 2004 at the age of 84.

Katona Productions, Inc. Used by Permission.

Katona Productions, Inc. Used by Permission.

The late Cleo Scott (1926-2015) was Ramblin' Tommy Scott's sister and she performed with him in the 1930s. The duo appeared on radio in Toccoa. Cleo appeared with Tommy's show in the 1940s, made appearances in several of his films such as "Southern Hayride" and co-wrote several of his early country songs. She also worked with Katona Productions promoting his shows in Georgia.

Pam and Jeff Whitworth 1980

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