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Ramblin’ “Doc” Tommy Scott of Toccoa, Ga. (1917-2013) was a country, hillbilly, and bluegrass music 

pioneer, entertainment 

entrepreneur, singer, ventriloquist, actor, Western and Hillbilly film star, comedian and recreational vehicle innovator. He continued a stage show began in 1890s with his show 

touring America and Canada from the


What others have said about

“Doc” Tommy Scott:

“(Tommy) Scott, without a doubt, is one of the nation’s true ‘characters.’ He is a person who has carved out such a life for himself that show business is a natural habitat. He is eccentric in a lovable way, and that’s why he has charmed audiences for dozens of years in thousands of places.”

Don Rhodes, author and historian
“Bluegrass Unlimited” “Bluegrass Medicine Man – Tommy Scott” Jan. 1981 pgs. 17-20

“… he is a pitchman, a carnival broker, a humorist, a storyteller and a delight. He’s also, in his own way, a scholar.” “Tommy Scott is a kind man and beneath his brash exterior is a true heart of gold.”
“He’s brought country music back to where it started from, in a way, and he is having the time of his life doing it.”

Robert K. Oermann, historian and author
Country Song Roundup, “ Country Music Back Where It Started From:

The Story of America’s Last Medicine Show” Sept. 1981 pgs. 30-32 

“He is entertaining people, selling medicine, keeping alive a tradition that’s thousands of years old, that has all but disappeared from the American landscape.”

Tom Snyder,
“The Radio Show” ABC Radio Network 1990

“No bird is more American than the turkey, No holiday more American than Thanksgiving. Charles Kuralt reminds us from on the road No institution is more American than the Medicine Man.”

Walter Cronkite
“CBS Evening News” Nov. 22, 1979

“Tommy Scott has the second oldest continuous

traveling show in United States next to Ringling Brothers.”

Ralph Emery
“Nashville Now” 1990

“Only one old time medicine show remains. Tommy Scott believes he not only cures constipation with his laxative but blues with his entertainment.”

Eric Burns, Cross Country
“The Today Show” 1982

“Only the small towns, one show a night, seven nights a week about 330 days a year-every show in a different county seat knocking out those small town kids and moving on.”

Charles Kuralt
“On the Road, CBS Evening News” 1979

  Scott's autobiography


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Ramblin' "Doc"

Tommy Scott

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Ramblin' Tommy Scott as Rambling Scotty

with Charlie Monroe's Kentucky Partners in 1939

​​​Ramblin' Tommy Scott's Hollywood Hillbillies 1945


"Doc" Tommy Scott

​The Last Real Old Time Medicine Show

Ramblin' Tommy Scott's Country Caravan featured on cover of

Amusement Business in 1967

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Ramblin' Tommy Scott and Luke McLuke